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Published May 15, 2013

Dog Bin

Innuendo, the legendary games developer/publisher behind Stereotype Man and The Legend of Tim Curry and Tom Cruise, have disclosed the latest sales figures for their new system, the Y Mii.  The amount of consoles sold was less than initially forecast, hovering somewhere between leg hair removal cream and Brian Blessed’s fake beard accessory.

Optimistic Kajinji, present of Innuendo, said he will effectively distribute the last 3 years of his wages to everyone who has bought a Y Mii, before jumping out of a building, as is tradition in Japan.


A spokesman for Innuendo said, ‘There have been some great launch titles, such as 12th Birthday Party Dance Dance Fire Eel and various ports of games that have been around for about a year.  Then we had a bit of a down period, but we’re going to come back all over your face with the announcement of some brand new titles.’

Titles include another Legend of Tim Curry and Tom Cruise game, along with… well, every single franchise they’ve been selling for the past 25 years.  When this was pointed out, the spokesman said ‘They will all be innovative.’ A word he used a lot during our Q and A session.

Asked if the Y Mii will go the way of the Dodo 64, Optimistic Kajinji was unable to reply, as he was being scraped off the pavement. pandora joyas pandora joyas