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Published October 23, 2013

Every so often I come across something online that I just feel compelled to share with the greater masses, as such we’re starting a new section of the site called Byte-Size Posts. This is just an area for us to dump the great art and videos we’ve found online into one place for you to peruse.

Up first is the amazing work of the Ukiyo Heroes Project (Website here). Featuring the designs of Jed Henry and master woodblock artist Dave Bull, they have combined classical Japan and modern Japan. The ancient art of woodblock printing has been mixed with the recent, some may say artistic, designs of the Japanese gaming world. Together they are selling their prints on their site. Here’s a selection of a my favourites:

Shadow of the ColossusShadow of the Colossus Japanese Woodblock Art Poster

Purchase Here: Shop


The Legend of ZeldaLink Zelda Japanese Art Design Woodblock

Purchase Here: SHOP


Donkey Kong (Feat. Mario)Donkey Kong Mario Japanese Woodblock art Design Poster

Purchase Here: SHOP


Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter Japanese Fan Art Woodblock Poster

Purchase Here: SHOP


MetroidMetroid Japanese Art Japan Poster Woodblock Fan Art Design

Purchase Here: SHOP

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