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Published September 26, 2013

The humble house cat. Well known for its sneakiness. Has great amounts of persistence, and is always wanting food.


Cat on a Diet is the latest pick and play title from Chillingo. It is in the same vein as the likes of Angry Birds, where you find increasingly inventive ways to destroy the scenery to get through the levels and land in a cookie jar. The greedy titular cat, Dr. Meow,  wants cookies. But who doesn’t?

Cat on a Diet review screen ios iPad iPhone

There is more to it, though. You do need some fast reflexes to get through some of the puzzles in the levels. It’s not just random destruction that will get you to your goal. You do actually have to take a step back and watch what you are doing, lest you end up having to restart the level.

Rather than star ratings for levels, you get cupcakes. The more of the cupcakes that you manage to pick up with each level, the higher the rating. You can, of course, redo levels to get a higher rating, should you wish.

Cat on a Diet review screen ios iPad iPhone

A novel little feature in-game is that you can also find costume pieces for the cat to wear. It doesn’t really add anything to the proceedings, of course, but if you’ve ever wanted to see a cat in a bandit mask, of a fez (Fezzes are cool!) or other variations of hats or glasses, then it just adds a neat little touch.

Another in-game feature, should you wish, is the ability to purchase things to help you along, like hints or a protective bubble that you can bounce in, incase you get stuck, that makes navigating through some of the trickier levels that little bit easier.

All together, there are 75 levels of play, each level getting steadily trickier than the last, and as I said earlier, some of them do require a little bit of thought put into them. That’s not counting bonus levels that can be unlocked.

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The thing to remember with games like this, is that they aren’t trying to do anything really new or innovative or clever. They are simply fun little puzzle games that are there to while away a few minutes of the day. And, that being said, they do exactly that job.

And whilst the game may be short on innovation, it is however rather a fun little game. And after all, isn’t the point of a game to have a little bit of fun?

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