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The End Of The World As We Would Like To Know It: Top 5 Apocalypses


If you’re reading this a week from now then the Mayans were wrong. Or I suppose more accurately the whack-jobs that misinterpreted the Mayans were wrong. Yes, it’s finally here. This Friday is the end of the world, and I’m looking forward to it. As a vague rule of thumb if you want to interest me in a game/book/film, set it in a post apocalyptic world. Maybe it says something deeply wrong about my psyche but I love a vision of the world without people, those few left eking out a living off what’s left of the land like the frontiersmen of old. So it seems fitting at this time to bring to you my favourite visions of the end of the world. So grab yourself some bottled water, board up your windows and doors and stick REM on the stereo, its the top 5 apocalypse’s …apocalypsees …apocalae?

15 Desert Island Essentials


Its happened to most of us, you know how it goes. Your family disown you, the life you thought you loved no longer brings you joy, the sight of people makes you want to start mowing them down with a machine gun, you need to get away from it all, and where better than a deserted island. But wait, before you book that flight, think about what you need in this new island paradise. Or better yet, just read my guide to desert island survival.