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Published April 14, 2014

Dead or Alive

If you have read Geeky Glasgow then you already know that I am a geek. I am often told off for playing my 3DS in class (That’s how I roll!), Can’t help but relate to comic book characters and spend too much time watching anime. However, as a female in a male dominated demographic I can’t help but feel a little awkward from time to time. Why? Well every time I play a video game, read a comic or watch an anime, there they are. Female characters practically naked with… let’s say ‘generous’ proportions, constantly in “Sexy” poses. It’s even worse in fighting games. I’m looking at you Dead or Alive!

Now before you get the wrong idea about me, I’m not a feminist. Nor am I flying the flag to get this banned. I just find this off putting and annoying. Surprisingly not for the previously mentioned reasons. I don’t care about how they look. Not really. I’m used to it. What drives me nuts is when they don’t have any personality or likeability. When they don’t even hide the fact that they are sex symbols.


Like I said. For the most part I couldn’t really care less. In fact most of my favourite characters are designed in the previously stated way. For example Poison Ivy. I actually like her design because it makes sense. She seduces men so she can bend them to her beck and call. So naturally she would dress provocatively. Also Kurumu from the Anime Rosario Vampire. For those of you who do not know this title I would warn you that there is a lot of fan service. I mean a lot! Panty shots, innuendos, bouncing breasts, sex jokes. You name it; chances are it is in this. So why do I like this. Like most animes I watch it has a good story, interesting plot and fantastic characters. Kurumu is one of my favourites. She is a Succubus so her flirty personality coupled with huge breasts is believable. This is just one of the many animes like this. Most of them have good characters so I enjoy them all the same.

For some of my fellow female geeks who claim that the portrayal of women is Sexist and downright downgrading, and who disapprove of the over-sexualisation of females I have a few things to say. I agree with you. It is annoying at times and distracting. However, Get used to it. Most of these games and shows are aimed at males so it’s only logical that these have elements that males are attracted to. That includes these types of females. I dislike it as much as you do. However I am afraid to say that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. So you need to just get used to it.


Also while it isn’t exactly on the same scale we do similar things. For instance in films like twilight and comics aimed at girls and young women men are portrayed in a judgemental light as well. Some male characters are never seen wearing a shirt and are constantly wearing.

Personally I don’t mind it. I wish it didn’t happen but at the same time I don’t think it warrants any real concerns. As long as these women have personalities and their own unique characteristics I don’t see the problem. Then again maybe I’m just used to this.

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  1. Emily Patterson-Kane Emily Patterson-Kane

    So you are not a feminist–you don’t believe (per definition of that word) “that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” … really?

  2. Megan Peoples Megan Peoples

    Emily, That is not what I ment, I am all for equal rights regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion. What I ment by feminists are those women who say that women are better than men and that they are animals which I am against. Sorry if my misunderstanding of the word.

    • Merk Merk

      That’s not a feminist, that’s a radfem. Radfems think that men are useless, shaving makes them terrible, etc

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