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That’s Death! – The Great Beyond In Videogames


Death is a mystery.  For many brought up under the well-established reductionist model of reality, once your brain stops processing, that’s it – zip. Nada.  For spiritualists, they adopt the Eastern philosophies (sometimes backed up by a quantum theory they don’t really understand), of consciousness as something other than brain matter alone – like electrical awareness passing through a brain shaped TV.  Both camps are stupid.  The real answer to this argument – of course – is 42.  Here’s some videogames about death.  Come on, dust off your funeral jacket and join the party.  We’ve even got those little sausages on sticks.

The Rise and Fall of Rare


My claim to fame revolves around 2 things: the first is meeting Terry Pratchett for the book signing of Jingo.  The second is a bit more obscure, as I didn’t meet them directly.  My old English teacher was married to a man named Chris Marlow.  Great, but who’s Chris Marlow?  Those familiar with Conker’s Bad Fur Day will know that – not only was he a senior programmer – but also the voice of the operatic (and sloperatic) Great Mighty Poo.  Basically, I had insider info for Rare’s up-and-coming games, namely Perfect Dark, Dinosaur Planet, Banjo Tooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.  Did this breach confidentiality?  Almost certainly.  So, bragging aside, I will be taking a look at the gaming history of a once glorious company (and now sadly a corporate corpse).  Welcome to the rise and fall of Rare.