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Marine Teddy-Bear Teams: Emotional Surrogates In Gaming


I’m guessing about, I dunno, 50% of you or thereabouts had a teddy bear when they were a kid. Or still do. The figure for that is about 30% of adults still have ’em. I’m not here to judge. We’ve still got a giant elephant in our closet that we haven’t been able to give away (because of, uh, reasons). Point is, we can get attached to inanimate objects. Or rather, we get attached to insentient objects because while I’ve been gaming these long twenty years past there have been moments, and I’m sure some of you might know what I’m talking about, when you’ve gotten attached either to some in-game object or an NPC.

From Pixels to Emotion: The Search for Feelings in Games

Ruaidhri Walker

Charlie was a good man. We had flown through all of Sector six together. He didn’t socialise with the other crew much, he knew he had a job to do and he just got on with it, as any good pilot would have. He was my go to guy, he had more experience than the rest of the crew. In our time we had seen ship mates come and go, some got ill trying to sort out an infection on a mining colony, other’s met their gods during fierce battles, each death was noble and without question of orders. Charlie’s death was more important though, Charlie’s death was the first one I cared about.