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Sony: Play Different

Shane Roberts

Sony made many mistakes at the outset of this generation, but to bury its contributions during the last seven years under the weight of “$599 US DOLLARS” would be a tremendous waste. From the unprecedented value offered by Playstation Plus to the company’s courting of indie development, Sony has done a 180 since 2006, setting numerous examples their competitors should follow. As we eagerly anticipate the Playstation 4, let’s look at the little and not so little things Sony did right during the Playstation 3’s lifespan.


Enduring The Future Of The Playstation


It’s nearly 11pm. I should be getting ready to go to bed. Instead I’m waiting to watch the Sony Future conference, to see the unveiling on the PS4.

I’m well prepared. I have a drink and some food to keep me going through what could be an hours long presentation. My laptop is plugged in, my dogs put to bed and I’ve got the official Sony livestream page open and ready half an hour before launch as I prepare my notes. How bad could it be?