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Published April 24, 2013

Despite the fact that many people may not use many more than Facebook, twitter and Temple Run there are nearly one million applications on the iOS app store. At the last count in January there were 800,000 apps that had been collectively downloaded approximately 40 billion times. That’s five and a half apps for each living person on earth (we presume that accounts for each iteration of Angry Birds). The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ may have been born in sarcasm but is quickly becoming close to the truth. Whilst the top 25 lists generally contain popular puzzle games, various fitness apps and an abundance of freemium clones with various licenses slapped on  top, a deeper delve into the store will uncover an app for almost every need.

Welcome to There’s an app for that, the first in a running series that goes some way in proving there is an app for almost each and every human need in the world, highlighting their usefulness (or occasional uselessness) and hopefully improving the quality of life for all.

Do you want to temporarily adjust the brightness of your screen without using the settings? Brightness.

This is the entirety of the app. Really.
This is the entirety of the app. Really.

Some apps featured on this running series are amazingly useful. Some are unique, a few are interesting and several are ridiculously bizarre. Others are just plain pointless. As the old saying (if about three seconds counts as old) goes, just because there can be an app for everything doesn’t mean there should be.

There is a perfectly useable, accessible and easy to use brightness control in the setting menu. If, however, you have reached nirvana-levels of laziness and want to cut out a menu select screen press, the Brightness app allows iPhone glow control directly from app launch. There are no other setting, no hidden menus. Just a slider that changes the brightness on your iPhone.

Almost in an effort to render the app even more useless than it already was, locking the screen before exiting the app will revert the screen’s brightness to its previous state. “This app changes your screen brightness. That’s it”. At least the developers are being brutally honest with their description. The free version was reviewed for this feature – there is a paid version available for 69p. Presumably an experiment by the creator to truly test the stupidity of man.

Do you want to have a better derrière? Butt Lift Workout

Can you tell the target demographic by the colour scheme?
Can you tell the target demographic by the colour scheme?

Fitness games are common sight on the app store, so common in fact that they have a whole category to call their own, providing a vast range of applications for all budding fitness gurus. But what if people are no longer looking at your lovely lady humps? What if your milkshake is no longer bringing the boys to the yard? Forget all those apps dedicated to whole body workouts, you need something solely designed on improving your rear-end.

The free version only allows a ‘beginner’ fitness level but has three intensity settings and eight exercises, with instruction videos for each. A highly American an overly-enthusiastic women will talk you through each workout, pushing you buttocks to their very limits. A decent enough app for what it provides, perfect for those unable to access a gym yet still in search of that killer booty.

Do you need bail? 50 Bail Bonds

50 Bail Bonds

Do you live in LA, the San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita or Beverly Hills? Do you like committing crimes? If so today is your lucky day! 50 Bail Bonds is here to get you out of those tricky situations, proving there is (almost) literally an app for everything:

“With our app you will be able to use the panic button if you are arrested, with one touch your information will go to the agent who will begin the process to bail you out.”

With this simple one-touch contact minutes can be shaved off your get-away time, saving you valuable moments to run to your aunt’s crib and shave your legs with Renee’s razor blade.

50 Bail Bonds is useful for those on the other side of the law, providing information on most wanted criminals and people who have skipped bail (for any Dog the Bounty Hunter wannabes out there). Other options are also available, such as being able to anonymously provide tip-off of those skipping bail or being able to browse the contact information of local city and county jails.

It is absolutely mad that anyone who is arrested would turn to their iPhone for help but that is what this series is all about.

Do you want to know the location of the International Space Station? ISS Spotter

The cross-hair pinpoints where the ISS is passing over.
The cross-hair pinpoints where the ISS is passing over.

The next time you are on your iPhone, whittling away the evening looking at gifs of funny looking cats pause for a second to appreciate that 370km above you six men are currently residing in space, calling the International Space Station their home.

ISS spotter provides a happy medium between browsing cute animals and actually being in space, allowing you to see the exact position and predicted orbit of the station in real time directly from your phone. If nothing else, it is seriously cool.

The app will also use your location settings to forecast when the ISS will pass overhead, allowing budding astronomers to set alarms and ensure the sighting of the station. In a nice touch, the app is complete free and instead of forcing purchasing or using adds, it simply asks for donations (either 69p or £1.99) from those who enjoyed the service.

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